The #1 Way to Make Coffee Even Better

Besides water, coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world. This might not come as a surprise to you, but this has huge implications for both the history of mankind and how we are moving forward. First, it’s important to see why it is important within the context of history. Many hundreds of years ago, the only thing our ancestors had to drink was fermented grapes and barley (otherwise known as wine and beer). This was the safer bet and it was also the more heavily intoxicated one!

As people started to use coffee, the entire standard of human perception changed quickly. People were suddenly spending more time focusing on how to improve themselves and learn more rather than using alcohol and becoming more intoxicated.

Within this article we are going to outline how that coffee evolution has continued into what it is today. You are going to see why coffee is being added to butter and MCT oil to create a master concoction within Silicon Valley and other parts of the world. You’re also going to find out how you can do it for yourself.

The Coffee Craze and Modern Silicon Valley

Coffee is nothing that is new. It was developed hundreds of years ago in eastern Africa and is quickly becoming one of the best ways for people to improve their cognitive performance and do more work in a relatively short period of time. This has huge implications over the course of the past few hundred years as the industrial revolution and renaissance have led to a host of different changes.

In Silicon Valley they are no stranger to coffee and caffeine. Silicon Valley has been a hotbed of innovation and creativity over the past few decades and it doesn’t seem to be closing up shop anytime soon. The vast majority of people who are currently working at Silicon Valley find that they are able to get more work done and do better work with enhancements.

This is one of the reason so many people are starting to take modafinil (or the alternative smart drug adrafinil ). The biggest change to coffee that has happened is called Bulletproof Coffee.

This kind of coffee includes butter and MCT oil and has the effect of strengthening the effects of caffeine while providing extra advantages as well. It is being lauded and applauded by many different people across the world including Joe Rogan and a host of others.

Is There Another Evolution?

Anyone who is experienced within the coffee industry knows that aeropress and french pressed coffee are in style right now. Cold brew coffee is another great way to increase caffeine consumption while also reducing the acidity levels of coffee. Perhaps there are more evolutions for improving the quality of coffee.

The majority of people who are using cognitive enhancement in order to improve their brain health aren’t even using things that can go well with the butter coffee. For example, if you have a fat soluble nootropic like aniracetam, it would work perfectly. Aniracetam is a smart drug that is fat soluble and has a number of advantages.

Beyond using aniracetam to improve your brain health, there are a number of other nootropics as well. CoQ10 isn’t even just a nootropic, but is really just a molecule that we already have in our system. When we use more of it, it will help us to prevent aging and increase longevity.

These may not be things that are priorities for you, but they will definitely have an impact on improving the quality of your life if you let it. Make sure you have the right perspective and you’ll enjoy both caffeine and the nootropics added to it.